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House Tour: Exterior Update


We have yet to do anything to the exterior of the house, with the exception of a little fall decorating. Oh, yeah, and just a simple little thing called NEW ROOF. I mentioned before that part of our deal with the seller was having a new roof put on. This was supposed to happen as soon as we closed (the seller put the money in escrow and it was written in to our contract) but there were a few issues that pushed it back several weeks. In the end, we got a brand new roof, which lets us sleep much easier at night.

Since we’re not huge fans of the sage green, in the future we plan on painting (the current colors make me think of a house version of Daria Morgendorffer). That project may be put off for quite some time, though, since we eventually want to remove the asbestos siding rather than just painting over it, and that will be a HUGE project (plus, who knows what horrors would be waiting for us underneath).

As for the yard, Jonathan hates mowing (and for once I am glad to use my back injury as an excuse not to attempt it) so we plan to do some landscaping to eliminate as much of the lawn as possible.

Speaking of yards, have you seen our backyard?

DSC_0043I don’t mean to brag, but it is quite large for Midtown Kansas City. It is also surprisingly covered in leaves right now. I say surprisingly because there are no trees on our property. Hmmm…

Though you can’t quite see it, Jonathan has done a lot of work clearing out the brush behind the back fence. That area is technically the city’s property since the power lines run through there, but it’s our responsibility to tidy it up.

Eventually we want to build planter boxes for growing vegetables. Jonathan also has plans to build a sort of greenhouse-slash-studio in the back. I’m just happy we have so much space!

Anyone out there have experience removing asbestos siding? How about grass alternatives? Tell us below!