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Demeter Smiles



It’s been five months since my last post. How can I explain my absence? The truth is, life just got too hard. (Warning–I’m about to get personal up in here. Trigger warning for those of you who have experienced pregnancy loss.)

About a week after the exterior update, we got some great news: I was pregnant! Though it was a joyous occasion, I didn’t want to share it here because it was so early. But what could I write about when the one thing taking all of my attention was a secret? Then the holidays came and went, and we lost the baby. Just a few days after we heard its heartbeat, the little heart stopped. I didn’t know for a few more weeks. The pain of this loss is something I don’t know how to put in to words; winter consumed me.

Though the start of 2014 was tough for me (probably shouldn’t have made my new year’s resolution “to give birth to a healthy baby”) things are looking decidedly better now. Spring has come. I’ve been making a conscious effort to live a positive life, taking time for myself and doing the things I care about. My mental and physical health have been my focus and through that I have found everything else falls in to place.


This season is all about rebirth and renewal. As I am feeling the sun shine on me after what feels like ages, I’m going to resume blogging. It will probably be slow to start, but I’m ready to begin sharing again.