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First Floor Tour: the Living Room


As I mentioned in the dining room post, it’s kind of impossible to show one room without the other since they are interconnected, so here you get to see the other side of the dining room, too.


The main furniture feature in the living room is probably also the most used piece of furniture in the house: the sofa. It’s another side-of-the-road find, and it sure was a good one! It’s very long (I can lay out straight on it and there’s still room for someone to sit at my feet) and just the kind of simple modern style I like. Though I love the color (and it influenced our decorating choices greatly) we plan on reupholstering it at some point. The poor thing has probably had the same upholstery its entire life, and judging by the style, it could be up to fifty years old. The foam cushions also need to be replaced, but in the meantime, it is a highly functional and still attractive couch.


Oh, and we also lucked out in the fact that it doesn’t have any weird smells or stains!

In case you were wondering, there are three lamps in the photo above and yes, that pig on the left is one of them. We have quite the collection of lamps.


Another of my favorite lamps is this black and gold horse lamp. I found it on the side of the road, too. Yes. I find amazing things on the side of the road.


Sadly, the fireplace is not functional. That didn’t stop us from putting real wood in it, though.

And this concludes the south side of the first floor.


First Floor Tour: the Dining Room

DSC_0143Ladies and gentlemen, not only am I (finally) continuing the first floor tour, but this one actually includes a sneak peak of the living room as shown above! Since the dining and living rooms are open to each other, it’s really impossible to show one without the other.

As you can see above, the only alteration that has been made to the actual house is painting one wall navy blue (the other side is also painted, which you will see in the living room post.)

DSC_0144As for the furniture, this dining room needed a larger table than the one we already had. My parents kindly gave us this black table, which can be made smaller by removing two leaves from the middle and dropping the sides down, should we so choose.

DSC_0145The hoop back chairs also came from my mother. I painted them a bright blue to to bring some color in to the room. (Alsoturns out you can see some of that navy in this photo, too! Check it out.)


That chair in the corner (affectionately named “the dog’s chair” since she is the only one who sits in it) is a side-of-the-road find.

The piano came from Jon’s mother. Sadly I have not been playing it as much as I should, but I am still very happy that we have it in the house!

DSC_0147I decided to try decorating with books for the top of the piano. I chose the books specifically for their colors. They are also pretty good books. That amazing wooden bowl was a wedding gift, and the hand once belonged to a Sak’s Fifth Avenue mannequin (before they closed in the mid-2000s.)

That’s our dining room! Like I said, you will be able to see the other end when I show photos of the living room.

Do you have a piano? How often do you play it? How about side-of-the-road furniture?

First Floor Preview

After a busy weekend, I didn’t have much time to write up a post. I hope you will be satisfied with a sneak peak of the way our first floor looks now that we live here.


Keep coming back for more posts this week, including tours of the first floor, details about what the heck is going on with our kitchen ceiling, a price comparison between Door to Door Organics and Trader Joe’s, and of course, this week’s box!

What did you do this weekend? Lots of work or lots of play? How are you celebrating the most wonderful season of autumn?

The House, before it was ours

I’m going to babble here for a minute, so if you’re just here for the pictures, scroll down! There are lots.

Jon and I first started talking about buying a house in spring of 2012. Truth be told, I had been thinking about owning a house for pretty much my entire life. My mother is an interior architect, and I inherited from her a deep love for old homes. Jon was more interested in getting a foreclosure or something equally affordable. We didn’t have much money at that point, so we agreed to wait a while and save money renting.

A year later, right in the heat of wedding planning, I had the house bug hard core. I’d convinced Jon that we should really take advantage of being first-time home buyers with a low-interest, minimal down payment FHA loan (I’ll write more about that at a later date). Unfortunately, many of the foreclosures we were looking at didn’t qualify, but with the help of FHA knowledge and two raises, we realized we could look at homes with a little bit bigger price tag.

This was our wish list:

  • Had to be in one of our top neighborhoods (we basically narrowed it down to three in Kansas City, Missouri).
  • Nothing built later than the 1930s (my personal style preference).
  • At least three bedrooms so that we could have office/studio space and a kid or two some day.
  • Had to have decent (for the city) yard space for potential gardening.
  • Preferably more than one toilet.
  • If major rehabbing was necessary (bad foundation, flooring needing to be redone, bad roof, etc.) then the price needed to be considerably lower than our top limit. Basically, if there was going to be any major project, our price point dropped by about $30k.

We looked at several houses. Size for the price was often an issue. A few didn’t qualify for FHA loans. Major renovation projects were a deal breaker a couple times.

Sooner than expected (about a month before wedding day, in fact), we found our house. At the time we made an offer, they were asking $14k more than our budget, but it had been on the market a while (at one point it was priced at $34k more!) We decided that we didn’t want to mess around. We offered exactly what we could afford. After some balking, they accepted it, and even ended up throwing in a new roof! The best advice I can give to potential homeowners is KNOW YOUR BUDGET, stick to it, and be prepared to walk away! Even though we have run in to some issues since purchasing the place (more on that later), we still feel like we got an amazing deal.

The house was built in 1910 and has likely been renovated many times in the last century. The most recent renovation was done by the folks we bought it from. It’s two stories with an unfinished attic and “finished” basement (again, a story for another time). It has three bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. It is in our top neighborhood, the same one I grew up in, close to work, school, and family. The backyard is large for the city, with potential room for a driveway or even a garage if we decide we need it some day. Basically, the house is everything we wanted!

Now before we get going with the tour, I’d like to apologize. We have lived in this house nearly four months and I have yet to photograph it furnished. You see, I don’t want to do it unless it’s clean, and it’s never all clean at the same time. Excuses, excuses, I know. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures the day we had our housewarming party. The house looked so presentable that day. But alas.

Actually, I am in the process of photographing it now, but since it could be a while before that’s done, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up just yet. So in the meantime I hope you are satisfied with this tour of our house, comprised of photos taken on our final walkthrough.


The exterior


The entryway, from the living room

What I love most about this house is the openness of the first floor. It’s somewhat uncommon in houses so old.


The living room and dining room

It was renovated for the purpose of selling, so yes, it was a flip. But the style of the work done is fairly consistent throughout the house: modern, but not so much that it loses any of its original integrity.


The dining room, kitchen, and living room


The dining room


The dining room and kitchen


The kitchen

The kitchen is my favorite room in the whole house. Standing at the sink, I can see out in to the backyard, through the dining room to the living room, and down the hall, through the front door to the front yard. Basically, the entire house. Standing in the kitchen is essentially what made me fall in love with this house.


The first floor half bath


The upstairs hall


Bedroom #1

As to be expected, due to its age, the bedrooms aren’t huge.


Bedroom #1

Fortunately for us, they have relatively decent closets!


Bedroom #2 (the smallest)


Bedroom #2’s little nook


Bedroom #3 (the biggest)


Upstairs full bath


Upstairs full bath

What is/was your wishlist for your first house? What renovations would you be okay with tackling? What are your dealbreakers?

Stay tuned for more updates, our visions and plans for the home, the trials and tribulations we’ve already dealt with, and (eventually) a furnished tour!