First Floor Tour: the Kitchen (with a tale of woe)

DSC_0046Dun dunna-nunnnn!! The first room I would like to present to you is THE KITCHEN.


As you can see, there isn’t much counter space, but that has forced us to do away with certain things like the microwave, which, in the long run, is actually a very good thing!


As I mentioned in the empty house tour, the kitchen is basically what sold me on the house. There wasn’t a whole lot we wanted to do to it, besides get our stuff in there.


Since we weren’t planning any kitchen renos, you might be wondering why there is a GIANT HOLE IN THE KITCHEN CEILING.

Well, lemme tell ya, this giant hole is not desired. Nope, we did not plan to cut a hole in our ceiling. We did not want this hole, but we had no choice.

About a month after moving in to the house, we noticed something strange. One of the light fixtures over the bar had what appeared to be a brown stain from some sort of liquid trickling all the way down its stem (cord? hang-y thing?) and settling around the bottom of the light bulb. It was dry when we noticed it. Not knowing what the heck it could be from, we promptly forgot about it.

A little while later, Jon said he heard dripping somewhere in the kitchen while I was taking a shower (the bathroom is right above the kitchen.) I looked everywhere but couldn’t find any water suggesting a leak. I didn’t hear any dripping when Jon took a shower, so again, we forgot about it.

Cut to a Sunday morning late in July, when I filled our tub hoping to take my first, much-needed relaxing bath in our new home. Just as I was starting to settle in while the tub filled, I heard Jon yelling from downstairs that I had to get out, NOWI sprang out of the tub and ran downstairs to see water all over the counter and floor, a wet line along the seam in the ceiling’s drywall, and water gushing down that same light fixture.

Turns out our tub had a leak.

We have a home warranty, and they sent out a plumber to assess the situation. Apparently the tub had been leaking for a LONG time, and the space between the new ceiling and the old (they lowered it) was absolutely covered in mold. The plumber guessed that the old ceiling had been holding in the water and finally burst, which is why we got a sudden gush of water and hadn’t noticed much else before.

We are still in the process of getting it all figured out (not an easy task when you’ve got lives to live) but in the meantime, we have temporarily patched the crack in the tub (with packaging tape—nothing but the best for House DeMonte), cut out the rest of the ceiling to clean out the mold, and are keeping it open so we can monitor the situation (and because, well, we haven’t fixed the tub yet.) Eventually we’ll get the tub patched properly and install the new ceiling ourselves, but in the meantime, we are living with a giant hole in our kitchen ceiling.

DSC_0047Despite all that, I still think it’s a gorgeous kitchen.

4 thoughts on “First Floor Tour: the Kitchen (with a tale of woe)

  1. Anna

    Yowzers. So that’s what you meant when you said you had a mold problem a few months back. Glad you figured it out now instead of years down the road. Also you’re kitchen is fab. So clean and new looking! I’ve been dreaming of a gorgeous kitchen for years, but I probably won’t get one as long as I keep renting.

    1. ladydemonte Post author

      Oh, no, there’s more mold problems than that 😉 Thankfully they are confined to the basement, though. Another post for another day (and that one won’t be as pretty.)

      I am very glad to hear the kitchen looks clean, as I SCRUBBED it head to toe (ceiling to baseboards?) before taking these photos. Though I usually wipe it down every night, the cabinet doors, window panes, and baseboards hadn’t gotten any love. It was positively gleaming when I finished.

  2. Jane

    Sorry to hear about the errant tub and mold! And what a way to be yanked out of a supposed-to-be-relaxing bath 😦

    Your kitchen is really gorgeous though, I just love the subway tile back splash and all the windows (not to mention your French doors). It looks bright, but cozy at the same time.

    1. ladydemonte Post author

      The story got sadder after being yanked from the bath! I tried to go to yoga later that evening, and upon arriving found out the studio was closed 😦 It was a very un-relaxing day. It’s okay, though. I got over it.

      Bright yet cozy is such a good description! It’s fun because I can see the whole house but I still feel nestled in my little kitchen nook. I do love that kitchen, ceiling hole and all.


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