What’s in the box? Week II

DSC_0001The series continues with this week’s box!

DSC_0002Total cost: $34.41


4 bananas

This order came with a disclaimer about the greenness of the bananas. They suggested we leave them out at room temperature for a few days so they ripen up. Personally, I like my bananas a little green!


2 Roma tomatoes

These look much prettier than the ones we got last week!


1 green bell pepper (U.S.A.)

Try to ignore the fact that this pepper is not in focus.


1 green onions bunch


1 green kale bunch (U.S.A.)


2 large sweet potatoes (U.S.A)

When they say large, they MEAN large!


1lb turnips from Rachel’s Garden

Door to Door qualifies Rachel’s Garden as local, but sadly I couldn’t find their website!

DSC_00111 russet potato (plus one bonus potato!) from Strohauer Farms (Colorado)


2 Fuji apples from Stemilt Growers (Washington state)

DSC_00132 small apple (Asian) pears (U.S.A.)

This is the first time I have ever encountered these types of pears. At first, I was looking in the box thinking, “didn’t I order pears? Are these more bonus apples?” But no. They’re pears.

DSC_00141 small avocado

I’ve got a few ideas about what I’ll be making with this week’s order. This sweet potato Chipotle soup will make good use of the yams and avocado. My favorite way to make turnips is to roast them with potatoes, but I may have to go to the store for some mushrooms to make my favorite mushroom gravy to go with.

What would you make with these ingredients?

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